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How Many Local Government in Lagos state, LGA Chairman and Location?. A List of Co-working Office Space in Lagos;. How Many Local Government in Lagos state,.So if you are saying that other health professionals are like the football players then you have only strengthened JOHESU case.Home » Saturday Banking Loc. Text Sizer. *We are closed on all public holidays including environmental Saturdays in Lagos state. Sierra Leone Office. No. 31.Also in a Teaching Hospital setting Doctors are employed by the university to lecture medical students and are being paid attractive salaries, even with the just agreed salary increase between FG and ASUU last year.You see its not the coach that collects the highest pay, they are not the reason why you and I watch football, they are not the stars.We wish to bring to you the List Of All SLOT Systems Offices In Nigeria. List Of All SLOT Systems Offices In Nigeria. The SLOT System. IKORODU, LAGOS STATE.

Let me also use this opportunity to congratulate our President who has just assumed office and to urge.He confessed that though he told them that he was okay, the beating he received was severe, as several people slapped him repeatedly all at once, until someone identified him as a resident.Enough is enough of JOHESU and their Government collaborators who want to make a mockery of the medical profession to sooth their bruised egos and unfulfilled dreams.But in Nigeria where things are always turned on their heads doctors have to deal with this aberrations.Indeed never before has the threat of duplicity, confusion and total anarchy threatened medical practise in Nigeria as the current tidal wave of malcontent currently ensuing.Nigeria doctors need to articulate their position well.The allied hospital staff with their campaign of calumny and disinformation seem to be winning this battle.Then the battle between the MASTERS AND THR SLAVES CONTINUES.Nice write-up only in Nigeria will this exist where the government will not take care of this situation but let it fester.

If you are applying for a Tier 4 student visa, you may not need to take an IELTS for UKVI.We must note that what we think and promote is what can endear us or otherwise to the good.Slot | For affordable and. Lagos Makurdi, Benue Apapa, Lagos Enugu, Enugu Ikorodu, Lagos Lokoja, Kogi Enugu, Enugu Ikeja, Lagos Print. Get Nigeria News in your.Please, help your generation and community at large by checking into mental asylum.

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House, she had some complaints and knowing house he was not interested.It will be a grievous evil to mistakenly burn an innocent person to death.These are a few things going on in the health sector that has been allowed to degenerate into bad blood between Doctors and other health workers.The Government had fair warning to avert this strike but they chose to ignore the danger signs for reasons best known to them.

The doctors should do a better job of explaining their position to the public.The person questioning him was rather uninterested in whatever explanation Ayodeji had, and dealt him a slap across the face.Now they want to wear the toga of Consultant without passing through the rigours of Medical school and Specialist training so that they can be at par with their more learned Superiors.Many of them have acquired more knowledge both within and outside nigeria and they are considered as authorities in their fields.Mob lynching and killing is not the best way to fight a crime because by doing that we are committing crime also.Can really, an Association NOT a registered labour union dictate what others must have.

Its not like you tried to study medicine and any1 stopped u why is every1 in the health sector trying to be equal with the doctors.196 jobs offices support lagos ikeja,. the services of a front office /customer service executive have become. offices support ikorodu, offices support badagry.

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You see going by the agreed salary structure reached by FG and NMA in January, a Doctor working in Federal institutions will earn at least N250,000 per month and a very senior consultant will earn about N500,000 per month.The FG should summon courage and put everybody in his place, otherwise this.

Meanwhile the Government is guilty of dancing to the tune of JOHESU fearing their drum beats of war to the quiet diplomacy of Doctors.The problems in the health sector is not new but why has it got so bad.

Even though it was a collective struggle but the headship was quickly hijacked by the Doctors hence the term Birth right was born.

Address: Microstation - Your Largest Online Mobile Phone Shop. 9 Otigba Street Computer Village Ikeja, Lagos. Phone: 08111386111, 08168631952.Times without number effective functioning of the hospitals have been sabotaged by JOHESU members.NMA refuses to allow JOHESU to woop the national cake as is traditionally done in Nigeria.